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Poster-RDSP Chinese Telelearning -July21-2010

PLAN  is hosting a Chinese RDSP telephone seminar for Chinese families across the country July 21, 2010. Please see the attached poster for more information.

RDSP Teleseminar (Mandarin)

Date and Time: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 – 5 PM to 6:30 PM (Vancouver time)


– by phone: 604-439-9566

– by email:

– by website:

殘障人士註册儲蓄計劃(RDSP)是加拿大政府新訂的一項儲蓄計劃,能幫助我們有殘障的親人建立長遠的經濟保障。殘障人士福利計劃倡導會 (PLAN) 將為加拿大華語家庭安排兩個中文RDSP 電話遙距講座,日期在2010年6月16日和7月21日。如果與您有聯系的華語家庭中有需要知道關於RDSP 資訊者,希望你能幫助將所附上海報交給他們。謹此致謝!

RDSP電話中文講座日期和時間: (溫哥華時間)
2010年7月21日(星期三)下午5時至下午6時 30分(國語)


PLAN’s new  Step by Step Guide (to becoming eligible, opening and managing your Registered Disability Savings Plan) is available now for free download. Just click on the following link:  Step-by-Step Guide

With support from the Investor Education Fund, the guide has been written and designed in plain language for people with disabilities and their families.  It will walk you through all the steps necessary for becoming eligible, opening and managing an RDSP.

Feel free to use it and pass it on to others who might utilize it.  Our goal is to make information about the RDSP more accessible so that more people can use the RDSP to improve their financial security.

And….let us know what you think!  Post your comments and suggestions…there will always be another iteration.

We are continuing to find that many people still haven’t heard about the RDSP, aren’t aware of the benefits (EVEN IF THEY CAN’T CONTRIBUTE!), or don’t know how it works or how to set one up.

With a number of partners in BC, Alberta and Ontario we are putting on even more  seminars, telephone seminars and, in Ontario, webinars.  If you want to check what’s available in your region, check the following links:


– In person:

– Webinars:

BC and Alberta

– In person:

– Telephone seminars:

Feel free to pass this on to friends, forward the links and post to websites and blogs.

If you would like easy to understand information on the new Registered Disability Savings Plan please visit

PLAN is undertaking a scan of the pan-Canadian impact of the RDSP on services and benefits accessed by people with disabilities.  This scan will examine the federal and provincial programs and benefits to evaluate the full range of implications of the RDSP on income, benefits, and other programs currently being utilized by people with disabilities.  Once we have a good overview of what programs and services people are receiving, and how they might be impacted, we can then develop proper strategies to advocate for any changes that are needed.

If you have a moment, we would really appreciate your input/feedback on the attached scan of British Columbia.  We are trying to identify all the benefits and services someone in the province of BC could receive if they have a disability, and then whether these services or benefits are asset or income tested.  Since the BC Government has exempted the RDSP from asset and income tests for those receiving BC Disability Benefits (PWD), many of the services and benefits will not be affected.

We are posting the following draft version of our British Columbia scan, but will be providing consequent scans for each province/territory.

Please keep in mind that this is a draft version and we fully expect it to have omissions or information that is incorrect.  The feedback you provide will help us make sure the final version is as accurate as possible.

BC Benefits Scan

If you have comments or feedback, please e-mail, and put “Scan Feedback, c/o Doug Brodhead” in the header”.

Thank you for all your support.

If you would like easy to understand information on the new Registered Disability Savings Plan please visit

On October 7th it was announced that Attorney General Mike de Jong  introduced Bill 13 into the BC Legislature.  This Bill proposes amendments to the Adult Guardianship and Planning Statutes Amendment Act which was passed in October of 2007.  This bill will enable the proclamation of personal planning legislation, and will introduce important amendments to the Representation Agreement Act, the Power of Attorney Act, and the Health Care Consent and Care Facility Admission Act in British Columbia.

These amendments will make Representation Agreements more accessible to individuals and families across the province, while providing a greater degree of certainty for anyone who has already established a Representation Agreement.  Bill 13 will also allow any amendments to Planning Statutes to be brought into effect separately from the Adult Guardianship Act amendments.

With the launch of the Registered Disability Savings Plan, we have seen a rise in people setting up a Representation Agreements across the province.  As someone with a Representation Agreement in BC is seen to be a “legal representative”, it has allowed many people in BC the opportunity to become a holder for their loved ones RDSP without having to get full legal guardianship.

To view the press release from Ministry of the Attorney General visit: and click on the news release for October 7th, 2009.

The availability of Representation Agreements in BC has brought into focus the absence of comprehensive supported decision-making vehicles in many other Canadian provinces.  We have been working with the Federal Government, financial institutions, and other disability organizations to find a suitable solutions, and will continue to do so.  There has been some significant work done on this issue and we hope to have something brought forth in the near future.  We will provide an update as soon as we know more.

For more information on Representation Agreements you can visit and check out our online course.

For those of you who live in BC, I thought it might be worth mentioning that PLAN is running 3 contests where you could win $,1500 to be deposited in a Registered Disability Savings Plan of your choosing (it could be your own).  You do not have to purchase anything, and can simply sign up by visiting and inputting your name and e-mail.

The 3 draws will be administered by an Independent Judging Organization on June 15th, 2009, August 15th, 2009, and October 15th, 2009.  You only need to sign up once to be considered for all 3 draws.  You must be at least the age of majority to sign up, but in the case of a child the parent can always enter the draw and then select their child’s RDSP to receive the deposit if they win.

In most cases this $1,500 contribution will leverage $3,500 from the Federal Government, resulting in $5,000 deposited into your RDSP.  

If you would like more information click here.

Remember, if you live in BC, you can also pick up a free copy of our book Safe and Secure: RDSP Edition at your local London Drugs Pharmacy.  To see the London Drugs location nearest you click here.

Safe and Secure: RDSP Edition

Safe and Secure available at London Drugs! 

As of April 1, families across BC can walk into any London Drugs location and pick up your free copy of Safe & Secure at the pharmacy. This family-to-family guide outlines the 6 steps to creating a good life for people with disabilities.  Safe and Secure offers helpful information related to disability benefits, taxation, trusts, Representation Agreements, wills, estate planning, and the new RDSP. 

If you live in BC and would like a free copy of Safe and Secure: RDSP Edition click here to find the London Drugs location nearest you.

Although this version of Safe and Secure: RDSP Edition is specific to British Columbia, PLAN is looking to develop editions for other provinces.  We will keep you updated of any developments. 

BC is the first provincial government to respond to the RDSP. The BC Government has opened the door for people with disabilities and their families to use the RDSP in securing the future and improving their lives.

Minister Claude Richmond and his colleagues have exempted RDSPs as assets for determining eligibility for Disability Benefits. They have also exempted all income from RDSPs, allowing people to use the plan in whatever way they see fit without any penalties.

BC has set the high watermark for other provinces to reach for.

The BC Government’s act represents a new way forward, a huge first step in a new prosperity agenda for people with disabilities. This action begins to turn disability benefits into a floor, encouraging people with disabilities to get ahead, rather than a ceiling, above which people can’t expect to rise.

This move represents a huge improvement on BC’s trust rules, which were already among the best in the country. It also sets the stage for even further improvements.

December 16, 2006 – Don Cayo’s on the Expert Panel’s Report in the Vancouver Sun. Read the Article.

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